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Namaste Handwoven Coconut Fiber Doormat

Our “Namaste” doormat lets you welcome all of your visitors with the customary and respectful Hindu greeting in a lovely

Piano Coir Doormat

You can practically hear the beautiful music when your eyes fall on the black-and-white keys of our “Piano” doormat.
P2021 Labyrinth EU flat

Labyrinth Coir Doormat

The bold, classic interlacing design of our “Labyrinth” doormat pops from a rich green background.

Like Home Coir Doormat

Returning family members and cherished friends alike will always be reminded that there is indeed no place like home with
P2171 Peeping Cats EU flat

Peeping Cats Coir Doormat

The “Awwwww!”s won’t stop when people catch a glimpse of the two playful tuxedo felines that grace our new “Peeping
P2177 Our Happy Place EU flat

Happy Place Coir Doormat

With its simple-yet-appealing text and accompanying arrows, our “Happy Place” mat delivers the message that your visitors have arrived somewhere