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Namaste Handwoven Coconut Fiber Doormat

Our “Namaste” doormat lets you welcome all of your visitors with the customary and respectful Hindu greeting in a lovely

Lavender Welcome Handwoven Coconut Fiber Doormat

The delicate violet flower on our “Lavender Welcome” doormat offers a summery greeting that’s wonderful any time of year.

Starfish Welcome Handwoven Coconut Fiber Doormat

No matter how far you are from the beach, “Starfish Welcome” will have you thinking of sun and sand with

Cursive Welcome Coir Doormat

Show your guests how welcome they are at your home with the smart stylings of this classic greeting on a

Just For Your Home Coir Doormat

Our disarmingly simple “Just For Your Home” mat is designed to enhance any doorway with just the right balance of

Victoria and Albert Museum Cranes Coir Doormat

“Cranes,” with its two titular, welcoming white birds perched near a tree silhouetted by a setting sun, is inspired by

Winged Heart Coir Doormat

Love takes flight on a free-spirited doormat that brings a touch of joyful whimsy to your entryway. This Entryways Sweet

Crown and Wreath Coir Doormat

Grant a royal welcome to all with the regal Crown and Wreath doormat. This Entryways Sweet Home Collection doormat measures

Home Again Coir Doormat

Our Home Again doormat takes inspiration from a late nineteenth-century quilt. As with so many quilt designs, it speaks of

Checked Home Coir Doormat

Make no mistake – you’re home! Black diamonds create a bold oval border on this classic “home” doormat made of

Evil Eye Coir Doormat

Believed to protect from harm and misfortune, the evil eye is used across many cultures as a spiritual symbol and

Victoria and Albert Museum How D’ye Do? Coir Doormat

The new capsule collection of designs inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is based on the original illustrations by Sir