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For more than 150 years, the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) has been a place of discovery and cultural enrichment. With its new V&A Collection, Entryways is proud to offer doormats inspired by the museum’s magnificent collections so that you, your family, and your guests can enjoy such lovely, distinctive, and artistic designs at any entrance to your home.

All doormats in Entryways’ V&A Collection are available in two sizes––45cm x 75cm and 60cm x 90cm. Each Entryways mat is crafted from the best quality all-natural coir to meet the industry’s highest standards of durability, and they’re hand-stenciled with eco-friendly dyes for long-lasting vibrancy.

‘V’ Mats are 45cm x 75cm or 60cm x 90cm and 15mm thick.
Care: Shake, sweep, or vacuum clean. Recommended for use under a sheltered area.

Handmade Doormats

Entryways coir doormats are handmade by locals in Kerala, the most Southwestern state in India. This is a vital cottage industry, providing a fair and steady source of income and supporting a sustainable community. Coir comes from the husk of coconuts. It is a 100% natural and renewable fiber. The coir is then hand-woven into a mat. The dyes used for our doormats are fade resistant and eco-friendly. Each mat is hand-stenciled and dyed.

After it’s made, each mat is then reviewed for quality. Our Handmade Collection is entirely made by hand, ensuring that your mat is of the highest quality. Made from the best quality coir yarn, our doormats are stenciled with trendsetting designs. Our copyrighted designs are licensed from artists in the U.S. who are experienced in creating quality artwork, offering the popular colors and motifs of today.

S – Stenciled on bleached coconut, these high quality doormats are densely woven and are 25 mm thick. Available in 40 cm by 60 cm only. Weight: 3.4lbs.

Mats in our Sweet Home Collection are made of coir with a PVC backing and feature beautiful designs like our original Handmade Collection. This distinctive collection offers our customers beautiful design at a more affordable price. Sold in case packs of 4.

‘P’ Mats are 40 cm by 60 cm and 15 mm thick, and weigh approx. 4 lbs unless otherwise noted.

Care: Shake, sweep, or vacuum clean. Recommended for use under a sheltered area.

Crafted of heavy-duty premium polypropylene, these handsomely designed and embossed mats have a rubber backing for rugged durability. They’re equally suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They trap dirt and moisture and are great for quickly absorbing ice, water, and snow. They dry quickly and won’t fade or rot.

‘B’ Mats are 45 cm by 75 cm and 5 mm thick.

Care: Shake, sweep, or vacuum clean.