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P2177 Our Happy Place EU flat

Happy Place Coir Doormat

With its simple-yet-appealing text and accompanying arrows, our “Happy Place” mat delivers the message that your visitors have arrived somewhere

Rhombi Coir Doormat

Put some geometric flair at your doorstep with the striking black-and-white diamond pattern of our eye-catching “Rhombi” mat.
P2212 Nodus EU flat

Nodus Coir Doormat

Three bands of angled and curving lines woven together in intricate patterns drape across the natural coir of our distinctive

Like Home Coir Doormat

Returning family members and cherished friends alike will always be reminded that there is indeed no place like home with

Rainbow Coir Doormat

This doormat featuring multicolor stripes offers a classic yet exciting way to welcome family and friends through your doorway.

Just For Your Home Coir Doormat

Our disarmingly simple “Just For Your Home” mat is designed to enhance any doorway with just the right balance of

Poppies Coir Doormat

With this flash of brilliant red poppies, you can keep your garden blooming all year round at your doorstep.

Elephant Coir Doormat

This charming elephant dazzles with a distinctive South Asian design aesthetic.

Watermelon Coir Doormat

Few things say summer as distinctively as a ripe, delicious watermelon, and with this mat you can put a slice

Locking Circles Coir Doormat

The intricate and mesmerising interlocking circles of this design will bring geometric artistry to any front step.

Flamingos Coir Doormat

The curving necks and heads of our titular “Flamingos” form a heart as each adoring bird stands on one leg
P2167 Tropical Leaves EU flat

Tropical Leaves Coir Doormat

Tropical designs are all the rage these days, and our aptly named “Tropical Leaves” will captivate your guests with its